Customizable Date, Time, Numbering machine: Jet Stamp 790


Jet Stamp 790:

6 in 1 pocket printer:
Custom text, date, time, numbers...

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The electronic stamp!:

Fast and silents, Jet Stamp printer
can be use everywhere.
Print, cutomize, certify and track easily
all your documents.

Ideal for ISO norms.

Easy direct printing ...
even on irregular surfaces!

Your Expert in "Tracking"

Reiner Jet Stamp 790, electronic stamp

tampon dateur, horodateur, folioteur

895 € HT


Setup your imprint on the software supplied, synchronize with supplied USB cable.

Your printer is automonous & ready to print!

Just press the the button to start printing


  • Number, date, time and text in one- and two-line prints
  • Fonts of narrow to wide (max. 20 characters per line, max. print width 42 mm)
  • Simple menu guidance through userfriendly LCD display
  • Various prints stored in the stamp
  • Up to 4 individual texts or special functions are possible
  • 25 different prints are stored in the system
  • On request, the 790 is also deliverable with 10 freely programmable memory spaces (Marker 10). No stored prints.
  • Ink autonomy up to 10 000 imprints.
  • Printing process: ink jet.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H ):
    80 x 96 x 170
    Dimensions charging station
    (L x W x H): 141 x 115 x 36 mm
  • Weight: approx. 450 g
  • Character font:
    max. 20 characters per line
    Figure size: 3,2 mm
    Line pitch: 4,7 mm
  • Print technology: inkjet
  • Supplied with ink jet cartridge, customization software on CD, USB cable.


2 years limited warranty
(conditions apply)


4 fully customizable
imprint slots

combine text, date, time, numbers

on 2 lines

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Print Sample


JET STAMP is equiped with a quartz clock
Date and time are always set-up

Display date with or without text
4 pre-charged combinations

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Print Sample

Automatic numberer:
easily number all your documents,
counts: forward, backward, repeat

6 pre-charged combinations
with or without text

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Print Sample

date / Time:
Print date with different formats
hours, minutes and seconds

5 pre-charged combinations
with or without text

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Print Sample

Numberer - date/Time:
Numberer, date and time

6 pre-charged combination,
with our without text

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Print Sample

Other versions for specific use:

Jet Stamp 791
Price: 895 euros HT
  Same specifications that 790, completed by:

  • Direct printing from computer, with USB connexion
    and direct power supply (no batteries)
  • Direct printing available from all MS-Office softwares.
  • "Click & Stamp" software included
  • Start printing by a mouse click or directly from printer button.

Jet Stamp 792

 Same specifications that 790, completed by:

  • Direct power supply (no batteries).
  • Start printing using printer button or adding special switch (sold separately).
  • Ideal for automated use (on an assembly line for example)

Jet Stamp 790/791/792 MP (Metal and plastics)
Price: 998 euros HT

Same specifications than classic (non MP) versions

  • Print directy on metal and plastics!
    Jet Stamp MP version uses a quick dry permanent ink
  • Equiped with special firmware and chipset to avoid ink to dry in print heads by cleaning it continuously.

Special MP ink cartridge (only for MP printer): 69,50 euros HT

Special use

Print directly on eggs with Reiner Jet Stamp 792E
Direct printing on eggs

Special food ink (sold separately)
(compliant with European rules)

  • Print on food packaging
  • or directly on the products: eggs
Print on metal and plastic with Reiner Jet Stamp 792 MP
Plastic bag printing with Jet Stamp MP

Quick dry permanent ink
for metal and plastics printing

  • Print on packaging
  • or directly on plastics or metal parts...



Reiner Jet Stamp Dock


  • Printing station with special switch.

Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Specs Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Specs
  Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Specs
Reiner Jet Stamp 790 Specs







Examples of applications:


INDUSTRY: Secure and track documents, production time, parcels, access to your facilities.
Identify machines, electronic devices, computers, etc...

MEDICAL / HEALTH SERVICES: Secure and track documents, biological tests labels, patients entries, etc...

SHIPPING: Number and track easily all your shippings

ADMINISTRATION: Secure and track documents, sent and received mails, payments, monitor entries of visitor and staff.

BANKS: Secure and track documents, invoice, transfer orders, cheques

UNIVERSITIES - SCHOOLS: Secure and track documents, books, etc...

EVENTS: Number and secure entrance tickets

PRODUCTION: Manage easily serial numbers of your products, production time and date. Secure and track documents, electronic devices, computers, etc...