Customizable Date, Time, Numbering machine: TimeStamp 131


TimeStamp 131
is a multifunctional clock.

Control punch clock
Date, Time, numberer

Ideal for companies or industries
in need of printing date and time
on documents.





Automatic printing when inserting document or using trigger.


  • Stamps various combinations of date, number, time and text
  • Fast single line print,
    print width 40 mm
  • 3-lines individual imprint programmable
  • Multifunctional LCD-display of weekday, day, hour, minute
  • Easy programmable settings via keys and cursor guiding
  • Automatic time and date
  • Time formats: 12 or 24 hour and regular minute or 1/100, 1/10 or 1/20 of an hour
  • Password security
  • Prints through up to 3 copies
  • Adjustable trip switch
  • Automatic, half-automatic, manual or combined triggering
  • Wall mounting possible


  • Dimensions (L x W x H ):   164 x 171 x 145 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2.2 kg
  • Figure size:  3,0
  • Color: grey

12 months limited warranty
(conditions apply)

Reiner Time Stamp 131 Metering machine Reiner Time Stamp 131 Metering machine Specs
Reiner Time Stamp 131 Metering machine Specs Reiner Time Stamp 131 Metering machine Specs
Reiner Time Stamp 131 Metering machine Specs


Examples of applications:


INDUSTRY: Secure and track documents, production time, parcels, access to your facilities.
Identify machines, electronic devices, computers, etc...

MEDICAL / HEALTH SERVICES: Secure and track documents, biological tests labels, patients entries, etc...

SHIPPING: Number and track easily all your shippings

ADMINISTRATION: Secure and track documents, sent and received mails, payments, monitor entries of visitor and staff.

BANKS: Secure and track documents, invoice, transfer orders, cheques

UNIVERSITIES - SCHOOLS: Secure and track documents, books, etc...

EVENTS: Number and secure entrance tickets

PRODUCTION: Manage easily serial numbers of your products, production time and date. Secure and track documents, electronic devices, computers, etc...