All in one Goldring smart pen



3 in 1 smart pen

Usefull and unique custom gift,
to take everywhere...



3 in 1 smart pen : stylus
On the bottom of the pen a rubber stylus.
Compatible with all popular smartphones, tablets (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab) and all devices with touchscreens.
3 in 1 smart pen : custom rubber stamp

Remove the cap and release,
Custom 3 lines self-inking rubber stamp.

3 in 1 smart pen : ballpoint pen
"High quality" ballpoint pen
with replaceable ink cartridge
3 in 1 smart pen : engraved body
Aluminim body pen
with custom engraving
3 in 1 smart pen : case
Delivered in a classy case!


All in One Rubber Stamp/Pen