Z - datemark

Electronic timer, dater, numberer,  "DateMark"


Tampon horodateur


6 in 1 marker

THE Electronic
Stamp ! :

Date, mark, number, to certify, secure
or track your documents

An electronic product

that wil change
your life !

in replacement
you can order

Ideal for precise identification and tracking of your documents, parcels, and more...
tampon horodateur empreintes

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informations :



INDUSTRY : Secure and track documents, production time, parcels, access to your facilities.
Identify machines, electronic devices, computers, etc...

MEDICAL / HEALTH SERVICES : Secure and track documents, biological tests labels, patients entries, etc...

SHIPPING : Number and track easily all your shippings

ADMINISTRATION : Secure and track documents, sent and received mails, payments, monitor entries of visitor and staff.

BANKS : Secure and track documents, invoice, transfer orders, cheques

UNIVERSITIES - SCHOOLS : Secure and track documents, books, etc...

EVENTS : Number and secure entrance tickets

PRODUCTION : Manage easily serial numbers of your products, production time and date. Secure and track documents, electronic devices, computers, etc...