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"ADRESS / TEXT" Stamps:
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"My Artwork" Stamps:
Upload your own designed file
you can combine text, logo,...

Manual ink pads

Manual ink pad for rubber stamp


Trodat self inking stamps
ink pads

Trodat replacement ink pad for self inking stamp

Text on 1 line
Custom rubber Stamp 1 text line

Text on 2 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 2 text lines

Text on 3 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 3 text lines

Text on 4 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 4 text lines

Text on 5 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 5 text lines

Text on 6 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 6 text lines

Text on 7 lines
Custom rubber Stamp 7 text lines

1/2 x 1/2 " (10x10 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4921 Sample
1-5/8 x 1-5/8 " (38x38 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4924 Sample

3/4 x 1-7/8 " (47x17 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4912 Sample

7/8 x 2-3/8 " (58x22 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4913 Sample

1-5/16 x 2-3/8 " (58x31 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4928 Sample

1 x 2-3/4 " (68x25 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4915 Sample

1-1/2 x 3 " (72x35 mm)
Custom Trodat Printy 4926 Sample

2-5/32 x 3-5/16 '' (85x55 mm)
Custom Trodat Pro 5211 Sample

"TEXT + LOGO" Stamps:
combine your custom text and your logo

"DATE" Stamps:
Date only or with your custom text
Click a model to start
Click a model to start

5 lines + image stamp
Trodat Printy 4915 custom text + image


1 line + signature
Trodat Printy custom text + signature

date only
Trodat Printy 4810 dater sample


2 to 4 lines + date + frames
Trodat Printy 4724 custom text + date

6 lines + date + frames
Trodat Professional 5460 Custom text + date

Seal / Embosser / Pocket Stamps
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Timer, Dater, Numberer Stamps
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Seal Stamps


Imprint diam. 1-5/8 " (38 mm)
Custom Seal Stamp circular text + image
Seal style rubber stamp
with your custom text
and your image or logo


Custom Embossing Stamp
Embossed imprint

Custom pocket embosser

Custom desktop embosser
Pocket embossers
Desktop embossers
Customization samples: "Text/Adress" Embossers

Rectangular "Text"

timbre sec texte

Circular "Text"
Empreinte timbre à sec
"Text + Logo" & "My artwork" Embossers

Rectangular "Text+Logo"

timbre à sec image

or from your artwork

Circular "Text+Logo"
Empreinte timbre à sec
or from your artwork
Heavy Duty Long Reach Embossers

Long Reach Custom desktop embosser
up to 70 mm from paper edge

Extra Long Reach desktop Embosser
up to 110 mm from paper edge


Mobile Printy Pocket Stamp

Trodat Mobile printy. On the go self inking stamp

Pocket self inking stamp

Text up to 4 lines
3/4 x 1-7/8 " (47x17 mm)

Custom 4 lines Rubber Stamp


Stamper Pens

Self inking
1 to 3 lines

As a gift or for your business, Stamper pens have uses for just about everyone and are highly useful in the medical, legal, and financial professions.

6 models
1 to 3 lines stamp + pen

Stamper pen Custom rubber stamp in a pen

Stamper Pen


3 in one smart pen Rubber stamp + stylus + ballpoint pen3 in 1 Smart pen. Custom rubber stamp + stylus + ballpoint pen

3 in 1 Stamper Pen:
Stylus + Pen + Self inking Stamp
With Customized engraved body




Very Solid -
2 years Guarantee

Print up to 2 lines
Customized imprint:
See full specs



Reiner Jet Stamp electronic Marker

Click to order
or get quotation


SPEED-i-JET- 798
2 years Guarantee
Print on 1 line

Customized imprint:

Pocket Size
See full specs

Reiner Speed i Jet electronic pocket stamp

Click to order
or get quotation

Garantie 1 ans


Stamps various combinations of date, number, time and text

See full specs


Reiner Time Stamp 131 electronic metering machine

Click to order
or get quotation


Steel wheels,
Antique font
Automatic numbering Stamp
0, 1,2,3,4,5,6 et 12 Repeat



Textile ink Stamp

Trodat printy 4911 Clothes marker Textile ink

Tampon 4911 TEXTILE

Equiped with special textile ink.
Print on all naturel fibers supports,
Ideal to print on your kids clothes.

Custom 3 lines Rubber Stamp

9/16 x 1 1/2 " (38 x 14 mm)

up to 3 lines



"MULTI PHRASE" Self-inking stamps
Choose your stamp


tampon monture automatique trodat



Trodat Printy 4817 multiphrase + date


Trodat Printy 4817 multiphrase + date


"ID PROTECTION" Security Stamp

• Help protect yourself from
identity theft!
• Simply stamp over your personal
• No need to shred.
• Trodat's archivable ink covers
up for decades.


Self inking stock Stamp Security ID protection

Protect informations and data
on ducuments before
throwing them in the trash.

For manual & Self-inking stamps

"Stock phrase" Stamps


Manual ink pad for rubber stamps


Trodat Self inking stamp replacement ink pad

Self inking stock Stamp Approved

Self inking stock Stamp Completed

Self inking stock Stamp Confidential


Self inking stock Stamp Copy

Self inking stock Stamp Deposit

Self inking stock Stamp Emailed

Self inking stock Stamp Entered

Self inking stock Stamp Faxed


Self inking stock Stamp File

Self inking stock Stamp Fragile

Self inking stock Stamp Original

Self inking stock Stamp Paid



Self inking stock Stamp Past Due

Self inking stock Stamp Posted

Self inking stock Stamp Received

Self inking stock Stamp Scanned

Self inking stock Stamp Urgent

Self inking stock Stamp Void


Self inking stock Stamp Security ID protection



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