Custom stamps 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Stamps Satisfaction guaranteed

With a satisfaction rate close to 100%,
we are so sure of our products quality
that we will replace or refund them without discussion
if you're not fully satisfied.


Satisfied customers are happy customers!

We are proud to be the only website to offer FREE REPLACEMENT
or FULL REFUND of your order,
even if YOU commited a mistake entering your order!
   All Stamps Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer service :

>>> Conditions of guarantee. How to ask for
         replacement or refund of your order

- To ask for replacement or refund of your order
   you have to contact our customer service.

– No replacment or refund will be granted for simple return without contacting customer service first.

– Returned product must be returned inorginal package and totally undamaged.
– Free Replacement of products with customer mistake limited to one replacement per product, per order

>>> Exchanges - Conditions of guarantee

– All exchange to a product of superior value will lead to complementary payment.

All exchange to a product of inferior value will lead to a refund of the difference.

– After contacting our customer service, you must return products within 8 days.

– New products will only be shipped when we will receive your return.

>>> Return an order for refund - Conditions of guarantee

– After contacting ou customer service, you must return your order within 8 days of delivery.

– Prior to any refund, All-Stamps will propose replacement of rubber plates of mistaken orders.

>>> Damaged products - Conditions of guarantee

– You must contact customer service within 2 days of delivery to receive a new order.