Customizable Date, Time, Numbering machine: Speed i Jet 798 pocket printer


The mobile pen printer!:

You can print text, automatically number,
print date and time,
even on irregular supports

Ideal for new ISO norms

Easy direct printing...
even on irregular supports!

Direct printing on eggs
(with special food ink cartridge
=> sold separately)

Your Expert in "Tracking"

220 € HT



Setup your imprint on the software supplied, synchronize with supplied USB cable.

Your printer is automonous and ready to print!

Just press the red button as you slide the pen across the paper.


  • Pocket format, easy to carry
  • Prints up to 40 characters in one line
  • Define the texts, date, time and/or numbering on your PC, and transfer your message via the USB cable  
  • Adapts to left- or right-handed users
  • Noiseless operation
  • Great for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, warehouses, insurance companies, QS-Systems, and field service whenever portability is important
  • Ink autonomy up to 10 000 imprints.
  • Printing process: ink jet.
  • Maximum 40 characters on 1 line.
  • Characters size: 3,2 mm
  • Dimensions: 32x43x173 mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Supplied with ink jet cartridge, customization software on CD, USB cable et 2 LR6-AA batteries.

2 Years limited warranty
(conditions apply)

1 line fully customizable text,

SPEED-i-JET is equiped with a quartz clock

Date and time are always set-up

with or without custom text

you can automatically
number your document,
counts: forward, backward, repeat

with or without custom text

Date / Time:
Print date with different formats
hours, minutes and seconds

with or without custom text

Numberer - Date/Time:
Numberer, date and time

with or without custom text



marquage encre alimentaire
Direct printing on eggs

Special food ink (sold separately)
(compliant with European rules)

  • Print on food packaging
  • or directly on the products: eggs


Examples of applications:


INDUSTRY: Secure and track documents, production time, parcels, access to your facilities.
Identify machines, electronic devices, computers, etc...

MEDICAL / HEALTH SERVICES: Secure and track documents, biological tests labels, patients entries, etc...

SHIPPING: Number and track easily all your shippings

ADMINISTRATION: Secure and track documents, sent and received mails, payments, monitor entries of visitor and staff.

BANKS: Secure and track documents, invoice, transfer orders, cheques

UNIVERSITIES - SCHOOLS: Secure and track documents, books, etc...

EVENTS: Number and secure entrance tickets

PRODUCTION: Manage easily serial numbers of your products, production time and date. Secure and track documents, electronic devices, computers, etc...