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The website all-stamps  specialized in mail-order stamps  uses the Cyberpaiement solution based on SSL protocol. It is the payment answer with credit-card intended for the electronics trade-actors.
So one's remains secure and releability.
As soon as you click on "CB payment on line", you are in secure zone, so, all the information are encrypted.

The Cyberpayment solution using protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer), had been developed by
Banque Populaire (France) which treats the transaction. All of the data are ensured by method of sealing * (chopping).

The transaction is totally carried out by the bank network . So, that neither website, nor other technique intermediary, can access your banking informations (card number, validity date, name of holder).

Banque Populaire is in charge of :

  • The request of the classic authorization.
  • The payment itself (transfer between accounts), if the authorization is granted.

Then you will be immediately informed as to wether your payment has been accepted or not:

  • At the same time the agreement will be send to
  • Then you and the website will be informed of the acceptation of your payment.

* Sealing is obtained by compression of the message (chopping), so, even if the message is intercepted by accident and/or malvolentely during the few seconds of its transfer, it cannot be interpreted.