Stamp with provided logo or Model

We can make your stamp from any creation provided by you :
  • Model mixing text and drawing,
  • Your choice organizes
  • Reproduction of drawing
  • Tignature,
  • Logo,
  • etc...

You can concept your stamp with Text, fonts and logos/images that you wish.

During the ordering process you will be asked to upload your file.

File type accepted:

  • Word (.doc)
    to join the fonts if they are special:

    1 In the menu bar, click Tools, click on Options, then on the Record option.
    2 Activate the check box Incorporate the TrueType fonts.
    3 Save the document

  • JPEG, Bmp, Tiff, GIF, Pdf, Psd,
    You should provide models with a definition of 300 dpi or
    increased at 200% (We will reduce it for the adaper with the size of mounting that you will have chosen)

  • .ai, Eps,: for these files, you should outline fonts
    1 To select your text with the arrow tool
    2 In the menu bar, click Text, then click on outline
    3 Save the document

Some councils to prepare the model of your stamp:

  • The image must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Not to use characters lower than 7 pts and very fine layouts, because the details risk disparaitre with the manufacture of the stamp (minimum thickness 1 point).
  • The image must be in black and white (not gray), (because a stamp deposits or does not deposit ink).
  • To avoid the flat tints of great surface
    and "blacks with the white" (negative)

Some examples of achievements