Stamp self-inking

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Make your life easier !
Thanks to the TRODAT self-inking stamps,
you'll never have to find your inking pad, you can carry it everywhere without fouling yourself and with an autonomy of thousand of stamp's print.

Trodat "Printy" or "Proline" self-inking devices
have integrated replaceable inking pad,
that automates the inking of the print of your stamp.


EASYNESS : Only one case which you can carry anywhere.

CLEANNESS: No more dirty hands/fingers or ink leaks.

COMFORT: Smart and strong conception guarantees years of use. All Trodat devices are life garranteed.

PRACTICAL: Integrated inking pads are easily replaceable and guarantee irreproachable quality of thousand of prints.


"Printy" Self inking stamp

Its ergonomic design ensures a very good grip in hand and its technical characteristics such as the window of positioning and the anti-skid-blocks permits accurate printing.



"Soft touch" Material
Pleasant to touch and
(only 4911, 4912, 4913)
self inking stamp
Display window
Integrated into the lid,
visible on front of the stamp



Bilateral blocking
To facilitate inking pad replacement.

"Click-out" Button
System to change
easily and with no mess
inking cassette .


Anti-skid blocks
- Perfect stability of the
at the time of the printing
- Better adherence
Positionning window
To print accurately in any zone of a document.



"Proline" self inking stamp

Specially designed for intensive use, it is made up of a steel , sheathed in plastic, to offer silent and comfortable use.

Display window
Practical to locate
the complete text of the print

Bilateral blocking
Facilitate the change of cassette.

self inking stamp proline
Steel structure
Very robust mounting
for intensive use

Anti-skid blocks
- Perfect stability of the
stamp at the time of the printing
- Better adherence
- Reduction of the noise

Positionning window
To print accurately any zone of document




operation automatic plug mounting



1 - When it's no used, the rubber is in contact whith the inking pad.

2 - When you press, the support of plate flips

3 - to 180 to present the rubber towards the surface to be printed.

4 - You've got a perfect printing !