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Manual stamps

The least expensive. Mounted on varnished wood device. These stamps require the use of an inking-pad, and possibly a stand to suspend them in order to avoid the unexpected ink spots! We can make manual stamps with text, text and logo or logo alone.


Printy automatic stamps

These self-inking stamps are equipped with an integrated inking pad, so they do not require ink pads or stands. When the stamp is no used, the rubber, is in permanent contact with the ink pad. The pressure exerted on the stamp causes the reversal of the print face and its printing on the document. Device is made of plastic. The ink pad can run for approximately 5.000 prints and are replaceable.

Also available in date-stamp.

On the web-site the new Printy from Trodat.
Superior in the smallest detail, Ergonomic design, Soft Touch Material, Positioning Window...


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Pro Line automatic stamps

With the same operating principle as the Printy Stamp, the Office self-Inking Stamps are built for a more intensive use. The mechanism is made out of steel. For a greater comfort, and esthetics, it is coated with plastic, providing a smooth and quiet operation. A Non-skid base and a broad window allow a very good precision of print. The ink pad is replaceable, and can run for approximately 5.000 impressions.

Also available in date-stamp.


Electronic Dater and Timer Stamps

For dating, marking, following, authenticating a document, always on time! Two products which provide a proof of the date and the hour thanks to built in electronic clock. But you can also Print a Number, a Preset or personalized message (depending on the model). A Display screen for the hour, date and the control of the functions of the device.

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Dater and Numbering Stamps

This stamp's print face is made out of metal, and not rubber. These stamps are always produced as Dater-stamps, Numbering-Stamps or both. The wheels are made out of metal, with a precision captive mechanism, to ensure reliable numbering , with or without repeating. In its Date-Stamp version it is used for its robustness and an impression that cannot be tampered with. The inks used by the metal serrated roller apparatuses are specialty inks , indelible, which penetrate the paper. The ink cartridges are replaceable and can run for 3.000 to 4.000 impressions.

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Seal Embossers

The main difference with other types of stamps is that Seal Embossers do not use any ink, but deform paper to produce relief print. These stamps are available in hand version, economic and easy to carry, or in desk version. The hand version combine aesthetics and effectiveness for a reasonable price, which makes it a very appreciated gift. They are largely used in the British countries, and in France for the marking of the books, ex libris, and writing paper. Also available in desk versiuon : less aesthetic but professional models used for special or heavy weight papers.

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Stamp Pen

Stamp Pen , iis not only practical and compact but is also an original idea as a gift. Big brands already use them as luxury gifts. Stamp Pen exists in ful range of versions, with or without advertising which can be engraving, laser print, serigraphy or pellet. In the same line of thought key-ring Stamps are also available.

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