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All-Stamps offers you one of the largest range of rubber stamps :
manual stamp, self-inking stamp, inking-pad...

Welcome to All-Stamps, a website specialized in manufacture and the online sale of ruberr stamps for business or home use at discount price.

From our website you can order manual or self inking stamp, personalized with name, addresses, telephone number or with your logo, your signature.... A big choice of devices.

Fast Delivery: Once your order is validated, your stamp is made the same day*, then it is immediately dispached by Post service.

All-Stamps is a securised website. stamp payment by CB card visa master Card
It guarantees a total confidentiality of your banking codes.
All the information collected on this website (email, name...) is only intended to allow us to create and send your stamp(s).

  • All-Stamps advantages :
  • Extra Short manufacturing time
  • Direct sale from factory
  • Save money with our discount prices
  • Securised transaction on line or payment by cheque (in Euros)
  • Satisfied or Refunded
  • We respond to every email we receive
  • Life Guarantee for Trodat self-inking devices

At the office: for Mail, Delivery Docket, Account Number, Cheque cashing, Fidelity Card, Document Certification
Exemple d'utilisation d'un tampon
At home, a stamp is useful to leave your imprint !



(* for orders with online payment and before 2.00 PM, working days)


For all your stamp needs, All-Stamps is the solution !



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Integrate an image, logo, signature... or provide the complete composition
of your stamp.

empreinte tampon  avec texte et logo

empreinte tampon avec texte et signature

The Sales biggest Hits

5 lines Pro :
empreinte tampon 5 lignes

4 lines :
empreinte tampon 4 lignes

Electronic Dater / Timer Stamp

Tampon dateur, horodateur, numéroteur

Electronic stamp !
Dater /Timer, Numbering.


Self-inking stamp

Self-inking  trodattampon monture encrage automatique printy de trodatprofessional self-inking  trodat

Wooden hand stamp
hand stamp
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A site which really makes us live all the interest of the Internet

Service fast, effective, of good quality... we will speak about it around us without fault!!! !!!
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Well satisfied with your service! with considerer for my next purchase or to recommend to friends
Thank you ricrr
Very effective service. Very well!
rotamagus The 05/07/2003 05:39
Only one word summarizes all the services of this site and the quality of the latter = Impeccable. Thank you very much

ART The 02/07/2003 08:25 Good job, very fast and effective. To recommend highly.
jp The 30/06/2003 19:39 Speed, effectiveness, very professional answer to the questions and solutions. Cheer! Continue
Olivier The 30/06/2003 08:43
Thank you for your Website. I awaited it for a long time: simple, fast, effective, presented well. Order last A11h PM, forwarding the following day. One cannot better do! Manager of hotels I have many stamp to order. Now, I know where!

DUAIRT the 28/06/2003 17:29
Thank you very much for quality, the very fast time in short effectiveness... very professional.

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We dreamt about it, they did it!!! Speed, effectiveness, times record (48h in my case), this concept is the answer to consumers exigents and in a hurry. All that one hopes for it is that that lasts.... Good continuation!

ChrisBX The 28/06/2003
Excellent website, which makes it possible to the private individuals to be made manufacture professional stamp at low prices, delivered within deadlines records. Thank you and cheer!!

mayol the 23/06/2003
Good job, the deadlines very short and a very good concept of agency in line to be extended to other products of dot com. Thank you for the service and the prices.
Thank you for the speed and quality of the stamp produce. We will still need your services. Dominique SZATROWSKI
Whilk the 20/06/2003
I am very satisfied with your services: quality, price and speed of sending. Congratulations

I wanted to congratulate the professionalism of which you made proof at the time of my order and to make you share of my whole satisfaction... to follow!

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